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Vintage Home Improvement Tips, Tools, and Methods

Home, being what it is, has always compelled us to make changes, improve things, and simplify functions as well as add our own aesthetic stamp. In this section of Antique Home, we are collecting interesting articles on doing your own projects, using old tools, and reading up on old techniques for home improvement projects.

Keep in mind as you read through these articles that many materials and techniques are now considered dangerous or potentially hazardous. Our parents and grandparents frequently used solvents such as benzene for cleaning, DDT as a pesticide, and upholstered their homes in asbestos. All are now considered hazardous materials often with cancer-causing properties.

As such, this material is presented only for its historical interest. We hope you'll use common sense to ferret out the best and safest contemporary materials for your projects while culling what is practical and useful from these old pieces.

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