The Vallonia

1935 Sears Honor-Bilt Homes

1935 Sears Catalog: The Vallonia

1935 Sears Catalog: The Vallonia

Judging from the photographs and letters which hundreds of satisfied home owners have written us, telling of their delight in its splendid features and wonderful value—the Vallonia is a real prize bungalow. It meets many living conditions because it lends itself to future growth without the expense of changing roof or foundation.

Wide overhanging eaves with wood bracket supports, large front porch and careful detailing of all exterior elevations give it a pleasing appearance from both perspectives.

Complete description of the guaranteed specifications for this home will be found on pages 8 to 11. Carefully study the list of options and indicate on Information Blank, the ones you wish to include in complete delivered price. Can be built on 35 foot lot.

The Floor Plans

First Floor. The living room and dining room, both large, well proportioned, with good wall space and plenty of light are connected by wide cased opening. Four windows light and ventilate the pleasant kitchen and pantry. The rear hall or vestibule at the top of the grade an cellar stairs provides good refrigerator space. The center hall opening off the dining room connects and gives privacy to the two first floor bedrooms and bath. The bathroom is equipped with a nice Venetian mirrored medicine case and will accommodate modern fixtures shown by Specifications 20A or 21B.

Second Floor. Modern Home No. 13049A indicates the five room plan and a closed stairway is furnished, opening out of the dining room leading to the attic or unfinished portion. If you desire the house with the rooms finished on the second floor, you can order Plan No. 13409B, in which case the stairs are changed to semi-open type. Eight big rooms in a modern, up-to-date house at lowest cost.

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