The Salem

1935 Sears Honor-Bilt Homes

1935 Sears Honor Bilt Homes: The Salem

Last year we started to receive requests from all parts of the country for attractive low cost homes. High rents and the additional cost of living in the city created a desire on the part of many American families to own a small home in some attractive suburban area. The requirements were for an inexpensive home, yet one which would be livable with comfortable size rooms, modern equipment and architecturally correct.

This attractive four-room Colonial home, the Salem, received immediate consideration from many prospective home builders. We know it will be a credit to your family and neighborhood.

1935 Sears Honor Bilt Homes: The Salem

The exterior walls are planned to be covered with clear bevel siding finished with three coats of Sears Master Mixed paint. We suggest white or cream color to have house show to best advantage. Good window arrangement, broken roof lines and well balanced porch are other noteworthy details of the exterior.

The Floor Plan

From the front porch, you enter the living room, size 15 ft. wide by 11 ft. deep. The left portion of the plan is devoted to  the two bedrooms and bath. The connecting hall gives them the necessary privacy and contains a large linen closet. Each bedroom has a good closet and two windows with cross ventilation.

Note the kitchen is sufficiently large to accommodate a drop leaf table and four chairs, also plenty of space for range, work table, sink and cabinets. Rear entrance is provided by combination grade, and cellar stairs, with platform to accommodate refrigerator.

The basement has a ceiling height of 7 ft. and is planned to be excavated under the living room and kitchen portion only, providing plenty of space for furnace, fuel and laundry. This saves considerable on the cost of the foundation.

What Our Price Includes

Our base price includes all materials needed to build this four room and bath home, consisting of lumber, lath, millwork, flooring, shingles, building paper, hardware, metal and painting materials; complete detailed plans and instructions for erection.

Study the complete specifications on pages 8-11, and the many options on first quality heating, lighting and plumbing.

We do not hesitate to recommend “Honor Bilt” construction and materials, for they have been given the right thought to make your home a success.

Let our home planning experts with years of experience guide your home building program.

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