The Parkside

1935 Sears Honor-Bilt Homes

1935 Sears Catalog: The Parkside

Building a home by our famous ready-cut method is the same as having it built by the best contractor in your community, only all labor necessary in cutting framing is taken care of in our factory, saving you about 40 per cent of the carpenter labor and assuring you a much stronger building on account of the accuracy in cutting.

1935 Sears Catalog: The Parkside

All the material which can be handled more economically by efficient machines, is cut to exact length and pattern. Each piece is marked with key letter or length which corresponds with those on blueprints, showing the exact location in which it is to be used.

No Extras to Buy

Remember that our complete delivered price includes everything to build your home, with the exception of cement, brick and plaster. We not only guarantee quality but quantity as well. All ready-cut lumber, millwork, cellar frames, hardware, paint and metal work are included in the base price. Heating, Lighting, and Plumbing are quoted at option prices. All material carefully packed and shipped to arrive when needed.

Our complete detailed plans and instructions for erection explain exactly how materials are to be used.

Approved Construction

The framing of all Modern Homes meets the most rigid building codes and the requirements of the U.S. Bureau of Standards. Platform type of construction is recommended by the U.S. Government, Department of Commerce as the safest type for residential construction.

This attractive little home, although classed as a four-room house, really has five-room efficiency on account of the dining alcove which accommodates a drop leaf table and four chairs. Just a cozy place for a small family to enjoy their meals. The front of the plan is devoted to living room, dining alcove, kitchen and rear hall, containing refrigerator platform.

A plastered arch is used in the opening between the living room and small hall which connects the two bedrooms and bath.

The home is planned for a full excavation, providing plenty of space for heating plant, laundry, fruit room and full storage.

Exterior Features

Side walls are covered with 24-inch clear Royal Red Cedar shingles, finished with one dip coat and one brush coat of Super quality stain. Clear moldings and batten type shutters and front door.

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