The Newcastle

1935 Sears Honor-Bilt Homes

1935 Sears Catalog: The Newcastle

1935 Sears Catalog: The Newcastle

Standing four square to cheerful sunshine and admitting plenty of light in every room on cloudy days, this plan employs every inch of floor space advantageously. Here is a design of perfect symmetry in the disposition of windows and front doorway, graced by a dignity of line and perspective in which you would take constant pride.

The Exterior Walls are planned for clear bevel siding except second floor portion of front wall which is to have flush pattern boards. All exterior wood members to receive three coats of Master Mixed paint, we suggest a light color in contrast to the dark roof and shutters.

The Front Entrance. You will be proud to know that this type of front entrance graced the homes of some of our famous early settlers. The original Richards House, built at Litchfield, Connecticut in 1730 (over two hundred years ago and still standing) has details almost identical to ones shown on the Newcastle.

The Floor Plans. This is another very good example of a practical “center entrance” design which has worked out nicely without the expense of a large center stair hall. The first floor has a large living room, dinging room and kitchen. Note the suggested location for all kitchen equipment leaves plenty of room for drop leaf table and chairs.

The Second Floor. Three corner rooms with good closets and cross ventilation open off the upstairs hall.

The basement is planned for full excavation to contain laundry, fruit storage, heater, fuel and plenty of room for recreation.

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