The Lewiston

1935 Sears Honor-Bilt Homes

1935 Sears Catalog: The Lewiston

Who would not take price in being pointed out as the owner of this beautiful English home? There is a deep satisfaction in the possession of a home which truly expresses the good taste and the hospitality of the family, and a keen enjoyment in pleasant well proportioned rooms, arranged for gracious living.

The exterior combines stone and brick in the English manner, with leaded casements, long iron strap hinges, flower boxes, contrasting shutters and wood shingles laid with wide exposure.

1935 Sears Catalog: The Lewiston

The Lewiston is complete as a five room bungalow, yet whenever needed, two additional rooms can be finished on the second floor, also a bathroom if desired, by placing a dormer in back. A music room can be arranged by making an opening between the living room and one of the bedrooms.

First Floor. A clear ponderosa pine batten type circle head door leads from the terrace to a living room with a fireplace flanked by English casements. A plastered arch connects living room and dining room, each of which has a group of three large windows. Good wall spaces for furniture in every room and a pleasant outlook.

Kitchen. With its cross ventilation, cupboards (furnished at option price), sink near one of the windows and the convenient location of the basement stairs and rear door, one can work comfortably in this room while keeping an eye on outdoor activities.

Bedrooms and Bath, also linen closet and stair open off a hall which gives privacy to that part of the house. Each bedroom has cross ventilation and a good closet. The bathroom is 7 feet by 6 feet 5 inches with our high grade plumbing fixtures and Venetian glass medicine case. Phone cabinet furnished in hall at option price.

Second floor. At a small additional cost, two more bedrooms can be arranged on the second floor, also a bath and four closets. Two large windows on each gable end give these rooms light and air.

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