The Homestead

1935 Sears Honor-Bilt Homes

1935 Sears Honor Bilt Homes: The Homestead

1935 Sears Honor Bilt Homes: The Homestead

Of all Nature’s gifts to man, none is more priceless and essential to his health, happiness and comfort than that so lavishly bestowed by the lordly monarchs of our primeval forests. Would your home, whether castle or cottage, pretentious or plain, be a real home if there were no “gift of trees” to give it an atmosphere of sincere welcome, warmth and hospitality?

Homes of wood can be reclaimed and refinished not only to their original beauty – but changes and additions can be made much easier than with any other material. Keep this in mind, wood homes are not expensive, especially when you select a tested economical plan.

Low Cost Enclosed Space. It is not a problem to design and build an attractive livable home when the amount of money you have to spend is unlimited – but it is a horse of another color when you have to keep within a “Low Cost” budget. To be successful you have to plan carefully to eliminate all waste space and material.

The beautiful Colonial Cottage with outside walls of clear bevel siding is certainly deserving of the name “Homestead.”

The Floor Plans

After studying the floor plans shown on this page and the cross section shown on page 36, you will note that you have three and a future fourth level. An attached motor room and utility room are provided in the left portion of the plan. This space requires only a minimum excavation about three feet below grade. If you plan on using a detached garage, you can have a larger basement or part of the space can be used for recreation room - a new feature desirable in every home.

The regular first floor level which you enter from the front porch contains living room, dining room and kitchen. Everyone likes second floor privacy for their bedrooms, but objects to climbing a lot of stairs. Here you reach the two bedrooms and bath with a half flight of open stairs with wrought iron railing opening out of the living room.

You will also note that a large third bedroom can be furnished at some future time in the space over the living room.

The plan used with the “Homestead” has been so successful that we have used practically the same idea on five other houses shown on pages 22-23-36-58.

Send for complete details about the most successful Small Home planned.

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