The Homecrest

1935 Sears Honor-Bilt Homes

1935 Sears Catalog: The Homecrest

1935 Sears Catalog: The Homecrest

The premise that the investment in a house should only increase when warranted by the growing needs of the family suggested this attractive plan. While the photographs and floor plans show the home built complete, it lends itself admirably to the “House that Grows” idea.

The exterior is true Colonial and is finished with clear bevel siding, painted white, with slat type window shutters painted a contrasting dark color. Each perspective is equally attractive on account of the broken lines of the main building, garage unit and porch, also well balanced window arrangement.

The Floor Plan

The main feature of the floor plan is the “stepped up” four level arrangement. In order to give the largest livable area at the lowest cost, the foundation is planned with a minimum excavation. On the first floor plan shown below the space indicated for playroom, utility room and fuel storage, is the excavated portion. Study the cross section drawing shown on the opposite page.

Approaching the main entrance you enter the vestibule with closet for outer wraps. On this level you find large living room, dining room and kitchen. Only half the usual number of steps are required to go from the back hall to the basement. You will always find it convenient to go from the kitchen to front door without going through the dining room. The kitchen is an ideal work center with a handy place for all equipment.

Second Floor Plan

Note that the garage, though separated, has the appearance of being a part of the main building.

Straight steep stairs are hard to climb so we know you will appreciate the idea of reaching the second floor level with only six risers. Wrought iron rail adds to the appearance of stair detail. The second floor level contains two good bedrooms and bath. The third bedroom located over the living room is reached with another “half flight” of stairs.

If you want to pay as you build and need, you can have a complete attractive home of five rooms only, leaving the porch, garage wing and third bedroom to be finished at a later date.

Let us send you complete details and delivered prices on all materials for this most unusual plan.

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