The Haverhill

1935 Sears Honor-Bilt Homes

1935 Sears Catalog: The Haverhill

Provision for a protected future is the first purpose and real test of soundness for any investment made from savings. Apply your usual rent money toward home ownership and increase your monthly savings safely and without extra cost. The value of a home and the ground under it is ever present for cash or collateral to meet unforseen emergencies. The man who selects his home site wisely and builds well, in the present market, will be in the happy position of owning a property which will naturally increase in value for years to come.

The Colonial Home. The designer who originated this center entrance type of Colonial home, certainly anticipated the exact needs and tastes of many American families. You will find this type of well appointed home built in all parts of the United States.

The exterior walls are planned of brick but would look equally attractive in siding or stained shingles. Well balanced windows with shutters, make each perspective equally attractive.

The First Floor Plan. You are immediately impressed by the front entrance, the original of which was used on the home of General Strong, built in the Revolutionary days. Once inside, you feel as well as see the convenient layout. Once inside, you feel as well as see the convenient layout. Lavatory, rear hall, wardrobe and semi-open stairs take up about two-thirds of the center hall, to good advantage. Three well balanced rooms located at the corners, with two or more exposures, making them bright and easy to equip and furnish.

The Second Floor. Built-in wardrobes with storage shelves and shoe racks, replace the usual closets. There are four of these and a linen closet besides. Two bathrooms, dressing room and three large corner bedrooms.

For the base price quoted, we will furnish all the materials (except brick and masonry) according to 11b specifications, which include 8-panel interior doors, Colonial backband trim, casework, oak flooring, LaTosca hardware, linoleum for kitchen, baths and lavatory, four-coat enamel on trim, stain, shellac and varnish for doors and double white brick paint for common brick.

1935 Sears Catalog: The Haverhill

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