The Gainsboro

1935 Sears Honor-Bilt Homes

1935 Sears Catalog: The Gainsboro

On a trip through one of our large Modern Home offices, you would see hundreds of files—Files for correspondence—Duplicate factory orders, specifications, etc., all set up to handle and control the schedule of shipments for your home. These files contain interesting details, but the files of which we are all very proud contain the thousands of voluntary testimonial letters from our satisfied Modern Home customers. They tell of savings, the completeness of our service, high quality materials and attractive plans. Only the words of our customers can do justice to our home building service.

“I am very well impressed with the quality of the lumber that was furnished, and also with the generous dimension of the lumber used for framing, especially for floor timbers, roof rafters and ceiling joist; the very places some contractors usually specify lighter material. These things together with the good quality of workmanship going into our home has convinced me that a Sears, Roebuck Honor Bilt home is a wise investment.

“You may direct prospective customers to our home and rest assured that I can and will speak highly of your Ready Cut Homes.

“As to the probable saving that we made in dealing with Sears, it would hard to say, except that I have seen houses put up by local contractors that are no bigger, and certainly no better built that are now $700 to $800 higher.”—John E. Towns, Mount Morris, Ill.

The Floor Plans

Much can be said about both exterior and interior of this attractive home. The construction of common brick painted white and siding exterior walls is inviting and ties in with the English lines. The plan lends itself to the “House That Grows” idea as you have complete living on the first floor consisting of living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen and bath. Most families need a first floor bedroom or find it will come in handy as a library or den. The second floor which contains two large bedrooms (one with three exposures) and four closets, can be finished as a part of your original building program or at some future date. Send for complete details about this home which has been built successfully in many parts of the country.

1935 Sears Catalog: The Gainsboro

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