The Ellsworth

1935 Sears Honor-Bilt Homes

1935 Sears Honor Bilt Homes: The Ellsworth

1935 Sears Honor Bilt Homes: The Sudbury

These three attractive homes have an interesting story to tell. A few years ago, a number of property owners called at one of our modern homes offices, explaining they owned some beautiful wooded lots adjoining a golf club in their city. They wanted to build small inexpensive homes, but were afraid they could not get permits and would be criticized by adjoining home owners who had lived up to the higher restrictions. The three designs shown here were among the many offered for their consideration. Now that they are built, they are the pride of the owners and surrounding community.

A more compact arrangement of four well proportioned rooms and bath would be hard to work out in such a limited floor area,. The living room and dining room are 13 ft. 2 in. by 18 ft. with good wall space and attractive fireplace in the left wall. The closet in the hall will be found convenient for outer wraps.

1935 Sears Honor Bilt Homes: The Ellsworth and Sudbury

The floor plans are the same for all three exteriors, except that the Sunbury Plan No. 3350A and Plan No. 3350B have a small vestibule instead of an open porch. Every detail has been carefully planned on both exterior and interior.

We have a lot of attractive information about these homes which you may have for the asking.

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