The Ellison

1935 Sears Honor-Bilt Homes

1935 Sears Catalog: The Ellison

1935 Sears Catalog: The Ellison

Modern Home No. 3359—5 Rooms Brick Exterior
Modern Home No. 3359—7 Rooms Brick Exterior
Modern Home No. 3359A—5 Rooms Wood Shingle Exterior
Modern Home No. 3359A—7 Rooms Wood Shingle Exterior

The Ellison is another popular flexible bungalow type design which gives the prospective home builder the option of having five complete rooms and bath on the first floor, and two additional rooms, and the second bath can be finished on the second floor when more space is needed.

The use of stained shingles, siding and brick seems to be equally popular with home builders.

Plan No. 3359 calls for brick exterior and No. 3359A is prices to include shingles for sidewalls.

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The Floor Plans

The first floor plan contains a large living room, studio (story-and-a-half) type, with exposed ceiling beams, dining rooms and compact kitchen with convenient space for all modern equipment.

At the right of the main hall, a small passageway gives the two bedrooms and bath the necessary privacy. Closet space for rear bedroom has been provided with built-in wardrobe next to the bathroom. You also have a closet for outer wraps opening off the front hall.

Under the Roof: English bungalows call for steep pitched roofs – so we have plenty of space for two bedrooms and bath. Two gabled dormers and a wide split roof dormer in the rear give the necessary head room for the windows.

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