The Chatham

1935 Sears Honor-Bilt Homes

1935 Sears Catalog: The Chatham

1935 Sears Catalog: The Chatham

Exclusiveness of design, dignity and refinement are expressed in this attractive Dutch Colonial home. Of a totally different character from the Colonial work done in other parts of the United States, was the architecture of the Dutch settlers in the neighborhood of New York. The old farmhouses also—many of which have fortunately been preserved from the early days of the settlers in Flatbush and Flushing—were of a type very different from the formal houses built by the Colonial settlers of English descent.

The architecture of Holland has always been famous for its picturesque quality—and “blood tells,” in art as well as in manner. Today this type of home is very popular. Its shape lends itself remarkably well to picturesque treatment in carrying the lines down to the ground. With the Chatham, careful thought has been given to the designing of the front vestibule entrance, window shutters and railing over sunroom addition.

The Floor Plans

A central entrance plan is always to be desired. Here you have this feature without sacrificing space for large stair hall. The designer who worked this plan saw the need of large rooms in a small floor area.

The Living Rooms. After passing through the vestibule, you turn to the left into a large living room with exceptional wall space and attractive open fireplace. This room in turn opens into a much desired and ever popular sunroom.

Dining Room and Kitchen. In going over the plan you have probably noticed the definite separation of the dining room and kitchen from the balance of the first floor. No trouble to furnish because you have lots of wall space and a place for everything.

We all have to have service men reading meters and making deliveries for cellar storage; as well as laundry to hang out on sunny days, so the direct entry from rear door is to be desired.

The Second Floor. Two large bedrooms with a smaller guest room or den, four closets and bath are handy from the upstairs hall.

To get the best results in reproducing this home, you must have complete architectural plans and construction details. This necessary service is included in the base price quoted on all guaranteed materials.

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