The Bridgeport

1935 Sears Honor-Bilt Homes

1935 Sears Honor Bilt Homes: The Bridgeport

1935 Sears Honor Bilt Homes: The Bridgeport

Selecting the style and plan of your home is very important. It is a purchase that invariably has to last a lifetime and should be selected so as to be a pride and joy to your family and neighborhood for many years to come.

If your requirements are for five rooms or four rooms and breakfast nook, and you are looking for something new and modern in a bungalow design, you will be interested in further details about the Bridgeport – one of our most attractive and popular Colonial designs. It can be quickly and economically constructed, due to our labor saving method of furnishing all framing material cut at our factories. One order brings you all the finest building material and equipment necessary to build this home – guaranteed as to quality and quantity.

Modern home plan No. 13337A contains four rooms consisting of living room, two well lighted bedrooms, bath and kitchen, but really has five-room efficiency on account of the dining alcove recessed in the left wall of the kitchen. This feature will be appreciated by housewives.

1935 Sears Honor Bilt Homes: The Bridgeport

Each bedroom has a large closet and a closet for outer wraps opens off the living room. The combination grade and cellar entrance with refrigerator platform adds to this very compact plan.

Plan No. 13337B contains five well arranged rooms, consisting of living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms and bath. Not a foot of waste space and plenty of large well arranged windows. The side porch can be screened in to add comfort in the summer.

At the base price quoted, we will furnish all complete materials according to specifications. All plans and instructions for erection are a part of our complete service.

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