The Berkley B

1935 Sears Honor-Bilt Homes

1935 Sears Catalog: The Berkley B

1935 Sears Catalog: The Berkley B

We are continually reading romantic tales of early Colonial life woven in and about houses with low ceilinged rooms whose adze hewn beams, dark with time, and cavernous fireplaces, bring forth memories of a past filled with the simplicity of a cheerful hospitality. These descriptions, while adequate and true as to detail in recalling the past, seldom fail to include the time-worn bromide, “They knew how to build in those days,” so naturally one might be led to believe that here is the reason for the present revival of interest in Colonial architecture.

We are convinced, however, that the present day builder asks for Colonial style because of its exterior beauty, rather than for any alleged merits of good old fashioned construction.

Experience has taught us that it does not pay to start building without complete architectural plans, specifications, construction contract forms, and a responsible source from which to purchase your materials and equipment which will give you the service you expect.

The Berkley has been designed in accordance with the thrifty thinking of our Colonial ancestors as a house that will “grow” as unit construction. It was the custom to erect the central portion of the house to meet immediate requirements. Allowance was made and proper original planning provided for the addition, later, of one or more wings, as rapidly as the family and its responsibilities enlarged.

The Floor Plans

The Berkley designs are very flexible. Plan No. 3401B is size 35 feet 10 ½ inches wide by 19 feet 10 ½ inches deep and contains seven rooms and bath.

From the front porch, you pass through a six-panel Colonial door to the living room, which gives a pleasing appearance on account of the fireplace and open stairs. The wide arch between the living room and library gives these two the appearance of one large "L" shaped room. Dining room, kitchen and second covered porch complete the first floor.

The second floor is devoted to the bedrooms, bath and plenty of closet space. The master bedroom is above the average in size and has three windows, assuring good ventilation.

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