The Berkley A

1935 Sears Honor-Bilt Homes

1935 Sears Catalog: The Berkley A

1935 Sears Catalog: The Berkley A

So successful an adaptation is the true Colonial, that the casual observer fancies it may have been there, ensconced for decades, serene under the assaults of sunshine and storm during a long flight of years. In general spirit and outline, it harks back, of course, to a popular type used in the early Connecticut days, but the compact inside arrangement and low cost meet the modern needs of a small family.

The Berkley Plan A and its grown-up companion, “Plan B” shown opposite, have been created to illustrate that it is possible to plan and start your home in a small way and add “as you need.” It has individuality and character, largely achieved by those touches of personality which lift it out of the commonplace.

The Exterior is well designed for service, the porch giving the necessary protection to the front door, and the rear door at the grade allows deliveries to the kitchen and service to the basement without tracking through any of the main rooms.

The exterior walls are planned to be covered with a clear grade of siding, finished with three coats of Master Mixed paint. Both bevel and flush patterns are used on the front wall.

The square plan encloses space with the least amount of outside wall- that is why this home is so economical.

Floor Plans

The outside dimension of the plan are 23 feet by 10 ½ inches wide by 19 feet 10 ½ inches in depth and can be placed on a 35 foot lot—but a wider lot should be selected in case you plan to expand as shown in “Plan B.”

Living Room, dining room and kitchen on the first floor and two bedrooms, three closets and bath on the second floor. On account of the popularity of the Berkley design, we have prepared a special Brochure with full description and detail. Send for your copy.

Think of the convenience of being able to purchase all your materials under one signed order, with quality and quantity guaranteed. Complete detailed plans and specifications for your home are included.

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