The Attleboro

1935 Sears Honor-Bilt Homes

1935 Sears Honor Bilt Homes: The Attleboro

1935 Sears Honor Bilt Homes: The Attleboro

This type of Cape Cod home is one of the first designs built by the early New England settlers. Homes built over a hundred years ago grow old gracefully and still retain a certain warmth and beauty. It seems to have many friends in both urban and suburban areas. The Attleboro achieves distinction with its fine doorway, dormers, shuttered windows and correct architectural details. No “gingerbread” to get out of date. Outside walls are shown of Cedar shingles, but will look equally attractive with siding.

First Floor Plan

The first floor lavatory opening off the rear hall, in addition to complete second floor bath, adds greatly to the value. Closets for outer wraps handy to front and rear doors. Central hall with semi-open stairs, large living room, dining room and exceptional kitchen, completes the first floor plan. Double drainboard kitchen sink with built-in cabinets as shown on floor plans are suggested at a slight additional cost.

Second Floor Plan

Two large bedrooms and one smaller one, each with a good closet open off the upstairs hall. Each bedroom is well lighted and contains good wall space. A hall closet for linens at the left of the bath is a real convenience. The bathroom plumbing “roughs in” directly over the kitchen which reduces installation cost. Three attractive “Aristocrat” plumbing fixtures as available in Specification 22B work out nicely in the bath. A built-in Venetian mirrored medicine case is part of the standard equipment furnished with this home.

The floor plan is 36 ft. wide by 26 ft. deep and will require a 60 ft. lot on account of the 11 ft. porch at the side. In case of a narrow lot, porch could be placed at the rear of the living room instead of at the side.

Our base price includes all necessary material to build this six room and bath home, consisting of lumber, lath, millwork, flooring, shingles, building paper, hardware, metal and painting materials according to complete detail specifications.

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