The Winthrop

Sears Honor Bilt Homes: 1928

The Winthrop home presents a modernized edition of early American architecture, when simplicity and perfect balance featured that period. Examples of this really fine type are found in many sections originally settled by our ancestors. Yet, in spite of the changing times, this style of architecture is still considered one of the best. A visit to some of the better suburban communities of our largest cities reveal the fact that handsome profits are made, when houses of this style are on the market. The exterior expresses good taste. Its hooded gable front entry, supported by six columns, is at once dignified and inviting. Two dormer windows project from the shingled roof, harmonizing with the hooded gable. Green batten shutters on the first floor windows contrast against the white siding. Interior planning is admittedly practical and modern.

Winthrop Honor Bilt by Sears

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