The Vallonia

Sears Honor Bilt Homes: 1928

The Vallonia is a prize bungalow home. It has been built in hundreds of localities. Photographs and many testimonials confirm the splendid features and value. Customers tell of saving as much as $2,500.00 on their Vallonia and often selling at a big profit.

The Vallonia is favored by a sloping, overhanging roof and shingled dormer which has three windows. Roof has a timber cornice effect. Sided with cypress (the wood eternal). Porch extends entirely across front of house, with latticework beneath porch floor. Here under the shade of its roof (with option of screening for part or entire porch), you may enjoy leisure hours during summer on a swing or easy chair. Children quickly adopt this porch for play or study.

Perfect harmony in all details marks the architecture of the Vallonia. Every inch of material is "Honor Bilt" quality and workmanship.

Vallonia Honor Bilt by Sears

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