The San Jose

Sears Honor Bilt Homes: 1928

The San Jose bungalow architecture is derived from the time when old Spain ruled our Southern Pacific Coast. It is another example of combining the beautiful Spanish mission lines, with the latest idea in a splendid floor plan. Adaptable to any section of the country, it offers every modern comfort possible in a design of this kind. There is a double saving in its sturdy "Honor Bilt: construction, and our factory-to-you system. The rooms are carefully planned, providing ample space. The housework is a pleasurable duty. The exterior is sided with stucco, the roof is shingled, and the eaves are shortened. Among the attractive features are the tower with its grilled windows, the louvre in the gables, batten shutters that serve as a decoration to the French windows, and swinging gate in the arched passageway that leads to the side entry.

San Jose Honor Bilt by Sears

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