The Mitchell

Sears Honor Bilt Homes: 1928

The Mitchell follows the latest idea in English architecture with a touch of the popular California studio type. The refinement of a fine residence is noticeable in the economical design. Modern throughout and well planned, it combines unusual beauty, year around comfort, liberal space, "Honor Bilt" construction and factory-to-you cost. Indeed, every detail is pleasing. Just look at the exterior! A stone walk leads to stone steps and up to the terrace. Two gables, one higher than the other, bring out the beauty of the shingled sidewall and high roof. The higher gable is right over the French doors, and it has a louvre near the peak. A picturesque stone and brick chimney rises at the left of the door between the gables. At its base, on the terrace, is a decorative colonial bench. Strap iron hinges on the sturdy arched front door and a quaint English lamp hanging above, bespeak the hospitality and happiness that dwell within.

Mitchell Honor Bilt by Sears

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