The Maywood

Sears Honor Bilt Homes: 1928

The Maywood two-story home bespeaks simplicity and worth. Designed after the finest in modern architecture, it makes an ideal home. Viewed from any angle its lovely proportion and balance is outstanding. Every line is expressive of quality, durability and good taste. The roof is of the cottage type, an effect produced by the projection across the middle and by the peak, attractively broken by the shingles, to the front and dormer at the side of the upper floor, combined with green shutters, a clever color contrast is obtained. The inset front porch with artistic seat and large side porch, with cement floor and pillars, are features that surely please. The Maywood home is "Honor Bilt" throughout and comes direct from factory-to-you. These are the reasons why you are able to save money.

Maywood Honor Bilt by Sears

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