Wardway Homes by Montgomery Ward & Co.

Popular 1920s American Bungalow Styles

Wardway Homes

Wardway "ready-cut" homes were sold by Montgomery Ward from 1922 to 1931. Montgomery Wards got into the housing market about the same time Aladdin and Sears were offering homes by mail, but didn't offer more than plans until 1922.

The plans on the following pages were identical with plans offered during the same years by the Gordon-Van Tine company of Davenport, Iowa. Only the model name and cost differed.

Montgomery Ward became a casualty of the economy during the Depression years, and discontinued selling its homes in 1931. Like Sears, Montgomery Wards had offered financing. When the market collapsed in 1929, the ensuing failed mortgages took their toll on company revenues.

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