Gordon Van Tine Homes

Gordon Van Tine, like the other kit house manufacturers, offered a wide range of kit homes in various styles during the first half the 20th century. Delivered to the home owner's city from a manufacturing facility, each home came virtually complete. Everything was included. The home owner had but to construct the foundation and begin assembling the home from pre-cut pieces according to the building instructions. With the help of a few friends or family members, or by hiring a local carpenter, American homeowners were able to construct handsome, high quality homes for less than having a comparable home built locally.

Below are some fantasy drawings of the interior of your Gordon Van-Tine home.Your 1930's home may have had a pink bathroom! Fifteen year mortgages were being offered by the company, with 25% down payment you could own your own pre-cut house that you had to put together yourself.

The links to the left, are floorplans and images of a few representative house models available from GVT in the late twenties.

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