The Radford American Houses: 100 Houses Illustrated

Radford House Plans 1903

This little book contains 100 house plans designed by the William A. Radford Architectural Company. The houses are billed in the introduction as low and medium priced houses and is the continuation of the work "which was begun in The Radford Ideal Homes and which met with such phenomenal success all over the world."

On each page in the book, there is pithy bits of advice and cost estimates. For the sake of showing the house and its floor plan, which are displayed on facing pages in the book, we've taken the liberty of arranging the images vertically. To minimize download time, but maintain a reasonable degree of quality, we've removed the text to reduce the image size.

The order of plans in the book was random. We've organized the pages into two sections to reduce the navigation and ordered them numerically into Part 1 and Part 2.

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