Windows & Casements for Vintage Homes

Window styles ranged from simple to ornate

Bilt Well Windows and Casements

Windows styles ranged from the simple double-hung window to beautiful, multilight windows of various styles.

According to the Bilt Well Catalog, "The architectural significance of windows, sash and casement sash, due to their size, design and location, plays and important part in planning the home. 'Bilt-Well' designs answer every requirement."

"From the usual divided light window, illustrated in all the popular designs, to the artistic casement sash, suggestions will be found which are appropriate.

"Modern machinery, experienced workmen and the use of carefully selected materials, produce 'Bilt-Well' windows and sash which will grace the dwelling, fit snugly where used, and give lasting service."

Divided top
Bilt Well Windows
Triple opening
Bilt Well Windows
Transom Head
Bilt Well Windows
Bilt Well Windows

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