Interior Trims and Millwork for Vintage Homes

Charming woodwork was also easy to maintain

Interior trim encompasses all of the various wood millwork that was used inside vintage homes of the 20th century.

There were endless varieties of mouldings, paneling, and turnings that were used in different ways to achieve the desired effect. The Bilt-Well catalog contains a representative number that will provide some small insight into the range of options available to homeowners.

For the sake of simplicity, the various millwork products are organized as follows:

Bilt-Well Wall Paneling Millwork
Beamed ceilings
& Cornice molds
Bilt-Well Beamed Ceilings & Cornice Mouldings
Window & Door Trim
Bilt-Well Interior Trim & Moulding
Bilt-Well Stairways & Millwork

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