Interior Doors

Door style defines space and sets tone in vintage homes.

Bilt Well Interior Doors

The interior doors in the Bilt-Well catalog vary in style, finish, and color to provide a wide variety of options. The styles offered include doors that are specifically designed for the home styles that were popular during the 1920s including English, Colonial, and bungalow with different molding selections. There are lots of ideas for owners of newer homes, especially if you have the ability to afford custom doors.

Interior doors define space and provide privacy. They are the antithesis of the modern "open" floor plan with their discreet, enclosed spaces. Modern occupants often look for design solutions that enlarge rooms and remove the fine old doors behind which many a dinner was burnt, arguments were had, and children read under the covers by flashlight. Possibly, like fences, good doors make good cohabitants? Regardless, the boundaries implied by doors have offered comfort and security for thousands of years.

Interior doors in the Bilt Well catalog include:

Each door is shown in different colors, finishes, and with different moulding trims.

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