French Doors

Double doors add charm to interior rooms

According to the Bilt Well catalog, "where the view from one room to another is desirable, but where separation is essential, French Doors are customary. Where privacy is not required, but protection against drafts is vital, French Doors are practical.

"By a discerning use of French Doors, the small home can be given an effect of spaciousness achieved in no other way--not even by large mirrors cleverly placed.

"From the variety of designs shown, a choice can be made which will harmonize with any interior. The one question is, 'Which design shall it be?'"

French doors have stood the test of time for their practicality and beauty. The way they enclose a space but allow light to pass through is often a charming and desirable effect in old and new homes alike. Adding or replacing French Doors can add a delightful ambiance achievable no other way.

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