Bilt-Well Catalog 40

Millwork of the 1920s

If you own an old home, you may have wonderful, quality millwork that is rarely found in newer homes. Whether you are restoring a "re-muddle" where moldings and cabinetry have been altered or removed, or refinishing original woodwork, you may be curious about the various types of millwork that were available when your home was built.

The following categories link to individual pages that comprise the contents of this catalog.

Vintage Doors
Windows & Casements
Bilt Well Windows and Casements
Cabinet Work
Bilt Well Windows and Casements
Interior Trim, Paneling,
& Staircases
Bilt-Well Interior Trim & Moulding
Exterior Millwork
Bilt-Well Exterior Trim
Art Glass
Bilt-Well Art Glass

About the catalog

The Bilt-Well Millwork Catalog No. 40 was published by Carr-Cullen Co. in Minneapolis probably during the early 1920s. It represents the types and range of doors, windows, cabinetry, and other wood work common to American homes from about 1910–1940. The following is its introduction:

"When you say a house is English, or Colonial, or Modern—when you speak of a home as hospitable, or cold, or cozy—when you describe the dwelling, your words are influenced and largely by the millwork, both exterior and interior.

And today, with build-in equipment at so high a state of development, you may call a home convenient and easy to keep—or the opposite—depending upon the built-in features. More important now than ever before has the selection millwork thus become.

A home may be brick, wood, stone, or stucco, it may be a compact two-story structure or a spreading one-floor bungalow as the owner may choose, but the beauty and convenience of that home will be largely determined by the selection of the millwork."

"Bilt-Well" Millwork--the choice of the discriminating builder.

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