1950s Vintage Kitchens

New kitchens for the modern home

Modern, post War homes were built by the millions. Young women, many of whom had worked during the war, were now settling down, but unlike their mothers, had expectations of owning one of the new homes sprouting up across the country in suburban tracts. Kitchens continued to be the center of the home, but now stored a vast array of new consumer appliances. Dishwashers, built-in ranges and ovens, plus an array of small appliances promised to make homemaking efficient and fast.

Sparking Kitchens for example was published in 1951 and shows the dream kitchens for a generation of American women.

Bright, cheery kitchens with all the amenities expected by young homemakers in the 1950s are found in this charming catalog of kitchen styles. Some show laundry and dining areas. All embody the kitchen ideals of the day and range in size from small to large and multi functional. Regardless of whether you'll want to emulate the style in your own small kitchen, these pages are bound to charm you with their color and easy livability.

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