1930s Kitchens

Vintage color in the Depression era

This 1930 kitchen uses a triadic red, yellow, and blue color scheme against a neutral white, tan, and black background. Such a kitchen would have worked in almost any home designed from the 1920s through the 1930s.

1930 Kitchen

The basic room comprises a black floor and counter, tan walls, and, of course, the bright white porcelain farmhouse sink. The cabinetry is painted mustard yellow with a Deco-style pattern on each door. The cadet blue and white curtains are a lighter shade of the blue on the floor. Accessories such as canisters and tea service add a little pop of red. The small kitchen chair ties the yellow, black, and red together in the corner, and two wall tiles echo the cabinet door pattern.

The design showcases the blue Congoleum linoleum rug in the center of the floor, which binds the colors of the room together. Such linoleum rugs are difficult to find let alone move, so the most likely way to replicate the look would be to paint your kitchen floor and seal it with several coats of urethane, or create a painted canvas floor covering.