The Pilgrim

Liberty Homes for 1939

1939 Liberty Homes: The Pilgrim

"This beautiful bungalow has a host of friends, and is indeed worth of their admiration. Its exterior shows a distinct character or its own, but the inside arrangement of rooms in each of the two floor plans, the placing of the windows, the closets, all have the solid, substantial virtues that make a home practical to live in. The Pilgrim is a perfect example of how it is possible to have the desirable features of the more expensive homes at a low cost.

Two floor plans are offered, Plan A with two bedrooms and plan B three bedrooms. In plan A the living room extends across the entire front and if you desire a fireplace, an ideal place for it would be in the left wall where the single window is now located. Should you intend to build a fireplace we will omit this window and furnish two smaller casement windows, one for each side of the fireplace, at a small extra cost.

You have only to examine the floor plans of the Pilgrim to see how well family’s needs have been provided for. You have only to read the complete Liberty specifications to know that the materials are all of the finest quality and that the sound, durable construction will insure your satisfaction in this wonderful home throughout the years to come.

Height of ceilings, 8 feet 6 inches."

1939 Liberty Homes: The Pilgrim