The Mayfair

Liberty Homes for 1939

1939 Liberty Homes: The Mayfair

1939 Liberty Homes: The Mayfair

"Seldom will you find a home that can compare with the Mayfair from the standpoint of an attractive exterior combined with a well-planned interior. In fact, it is hard to imagine how either one could be improved to add a higher degree of beauty or a greater degree of convenience than has been attained in this superbly modern home.

With double-lap shingles accentuating the breadth of its 30 ft. front, and with slatted Colonial shutters, to lend a touch of color and contrast, the Mayfair cannot but excite the admiration of all who have an eye for beauty. Everyone who sees it is immediately filled with the desire to own it.

Glance at the floor plan and observe what a large living room the Mayfair provides. Then look at the kitchen and see how a series of cabinets (Style C-4) can be arranged along the right-hand side, with the sink and work-table in the center, directly in front of the window. And do not overlook the cosy dining-alcove, just ot the left, with a recessed space for a china cabinet.

You will like the convenient location of the bathroom—between the two bedrooms—and also the provision for a closet in each bedroom, with an extra guest closet off the vestibule. In fact, the more carefully you study the Mayfair, the more delighted you will be with its completeness in every way."