The La Salle

Liberty Homes for 1939

1939 Liberty Homes: The La Salle

1939 Liberty Homes: The La Salle

"Here is a delightful five-room home that has met with enthusiastic acceptance among home builders everywhere. It is a design that seems to portray the suburban neighborhood of happy, contented home owners.

Among the world’s riches there are a few whose value cannot be reckoned in terms of dollars and cents. Not the least of these is that deep satisfaction which comes from home-ownership – the knowledge that in your name stands the title to a cottage on a quiet street – a yard, a garden of beautiful flowers – a refuge from the eternal pursuit of business – a home, within which you will find most of the joy and happiness that this life offers.

The LaSalle has the typical colonial entrance in the center, balanced with the attractive grouping of three windows and flower box on each side. On the end is the pleasant porch. Note the exceptionally large, well-proportioned living room. A fireplace may be constructed without any sacrifice to the present convenient arrangement as shown below.

All in all the LaSalle is about as perfectly designed a bungalow as any home builder could wish for. It gives just the right combination of coziness with roominess, comfort and handsome appearance, and its low price will be the most welcome surprise of all. Height of ceilings, either plan 9 feet."