The Edmund

Liberty Homes for 1939

1939 Liberty Homes: The Edmund

1939 Liberty Homes: The Edmund

"The attractive simplicity of design which characterizes the Edmund makes it the ideal type of home for those whose taste in architecture leans toward the simple and dignified rather than the ornate. With the shingles stained white, and the Colonial slatted shutters in a pleasing shade of brown, the effect is highly entrancing. The color combination may, of course, be varied, according to the taste of the individual purchaser, as we supply both paint and stain in any color desired.

Differing from many of the other Liberty Homes in floor plan, this model has a living room lighted by three windows, one at the front, and two at the sides. Besides being unusually large, the living room has another feature that you cannot help but appreciate – a convenient closet at the rear for guest wraps. Each of the bedrooms also has its own individual closet, and there is still another closet off the hall which can be used either for clothing or for linens, as desired.

A notable feature, seldom found except in large size houses, is the dining alcove, located between the living room and the kitchen. Imagine this cosy room daintily furnished with a modern dining set, and with bright colored curtains on the window! Could you think of anything that would contribute more to making every mealtime an occasion to be looked forward to?

Now glance at the convenient kitchen arrangement! On one side, in a recessed nook, space is provided for a range and a refrigerator, while on the opposite side you can have a cabinet arrangement like C-4 shown on page 46. With everything arranged to best advantage, hers is truly a step saving kitchen!

If you are planning on a moderately priced home, and yet one that has every modern feature, we commend this model to your careful consideration."