The Cornell

Liberty Homes for 1939

1939 Liberty Homes: The Cornell

1939 Liberty Homes: The Cornell

"For attractiveness in outward appearance and convenience in interior arrangement, it would be difficult to find a home more appealing than the charmingly designed Cornell.

Departing from the more conventional square or rectangular type of house, its jutting front and outward extending living room give it a distinguished appearance that is seldom found except in much more expensive homes. The slatted Colonial shutters and the front gable, with its circular window set off by a background of plain matched siding, combine to contribute to the exterior a touch of distinction, while the double layer and 12-inch exposure of the shingles on the sidewall creates an effect that is unusually pleasing.

When you study the floor plan, you will be immediately impressed by the size of the living room. Measuring 18 feet in length and 12 feet in width, it provides ample room not only for an abundance of chairs and occasional tables, but also for a grand piano. This room, as well as all of the others, has a full ceiling height of 8 feet.

Among the other notable features are a large guest closet off the vestibule, a clothes closet in each of the bedrooms, and a linen closet opening off the hallway."