The Brighton

Liberty Homes for 1939

1939 Liberty Homes: The Brighton

1939 Liberty Homes: The Brighton

"If you have had in mind that when you eventually built a home it would be one that was cosy-looking, with a latticed porch on which you could sit and while away the long summer evenings, you will find in the Brighton your heart’s desire. And you can depend upon it that passersby will gaze with envious eye – because here is indeed a home of outstanding attractiveness.

One of the features contributing to its beauty is the plain matched siding in the porch gable, which contrasts with the double-lapped shingles on the sidewalls. At the same time, the circular window and the slatted Colonial blinds add an ornamental touch that is decidedly pleasing.

A generous size living room, with large windows to make it light and airy, is another feature that makes the Brighton unusually desirable. Then, too, each of the bedrooms has a clothes closet, and there is an extra closet off the hall for the storage of linens. All of the rooms have a ceiling height of 8 feet.

And don’t overlook the convenient kitchen arrangement, with a sink at one end of the windows, a breakfast nook at the other and a cabinet in style C-5 or C-6 along the rear wall."