The Plymouth

1935 Sears Honor-Bilt Homes

1935 Sears Catalog: The Plymouth

The average American family purchases only one home in a lifetime and naturally, is interested in securing the most for their building dollars; economy, appearance, high quality materials and equipment, backed by a responsible merchandising organization. Our modern homes (over 100,000 have been built) are testimonials of our ability to serve and help with the building of your new home. The specifications and descriptions you find in this catalog are honest statements regarding good construction and quality materials.

1935 Sears Catalog: The Plymouth

The Plymouth, typical American five room bungalow with well proportioned roof, cottage type windows and large front porch was designed for the family of average size. The plan is only 24 feet by 37 feet, but careful planning offers the largest rooms possible in the floor area. Also the comfort of good arrangement and orderliness of good closets.

It can be built on a lot from thirty-five to forty feet wide with plenty of room for side drive. Pictured as above, with proper trees and shrubs, its walls painted white or ivory and dark weathered roof, it surely is a home of which any American family of moderate means will be proud.

The Floor Plan

The left side of the plan is devoted to the living room, dining room, kitchen and combination grade cellar entrance with platform at kitchen door for refrigerator. The bedrooms and bath are connected with small hall opening off the dining room, giving necessary privacy. Good wall space, large closets and plenty of windows are other features which have made this a very popular house.

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