The Winthrop

Aladdin Home Plans for 1916

1916 Aladdin -- Winthrop

Can you imagine this bungalow nestling among trees and shrubbery on your own lot? A few cobblestones are gathered from nearby fields and when blended with brown stained shingles, natural shrubbery and a setting of velvety green the observer is fascinated.

A bungalow should always be set close to the ground. When local conditions seem to make this impossible the same result can be secured by terracing close to the building.

The Winthrop is of the pure bungalow type – low, a touch of rough stones, bracketed eave supports, heavy timber work, shingles, and broken outlines.

And as the real bungalow is always compactly and conveniently arranged inside – you will agree that the Winthrop is typical. The large living room is lighted by three group windows and the fireplace at the end forms an inviting nook. Extra length is secured to the dining room by the interesting bay window. Lots of wall space is available in the front bed room. The centralized hall, and entrance from dining room, kitchen, bath and bed room is a good feature. Could a bath room be better located than this? Rear porch with space for refrigerator, and grade cellar entrance. Can you help falling in love with this interesting bungalow?