The Wilson

Aladdin Home Plans for 1916

1916 Aladdin — Wilson

Think of it – over one thousand ALADDIN Houses are carried in stock at our Bay City Mills, ready for instant shipment. Your order is received and loaded immediately. Our mills are located in Michigan, Florida, Louisiana and Oregon. Shipment is made from the nearest mill. No matter where you live, your house comes in a straight line from forest to you. Long distance and excessive freight rates are cut out. No hold-up on the way. In a short time after shipment is received, you move into your own home – the Wilson. You can build your own ALADDIN. Complete instructions and illustrations are furnished with every ALADDIN House. All you do is follow the working plans and drive the nails. It means a saving of over one-third of the usual cost.

Look over the floor plan carefully. Notice the daylight rooms – at the front of the home. Sleeping rooms to the rear. When you decide on owning the Wilson, you have made a $500 saving. Note the clothes closet at the entrance vestibule. Living room is 12x14 feet and the dining room 12x12 feet. Clean tapering porch columns support a porch roof of excellent design. The general proportions of the Wilson are splendid. And the interior woodwork and floors are all of beautifully grained knotless Fir. Of course you receive everything to complete your home in one shipment. No expensive and annoying delays waiting for windows, doors, nails or the many items necessary in the building and finishing of a house. ALADDIN removes all these difficulties.