The Vassar

Aladdin Home Plans for 1916

1916 Aladdin — Vassar

Have you noticed that no matter from what angle you view an Aladdin house, it presents attractive lines and a pleasing appearance? The Vassar is certainly no exception to this rule. We wish you could walk around this attractive house to see how our designers have removed entirely the objectionable projections and unsightly additions so often found on the sides or at the rear of many houses.

Notice how all sides of this house are relieved of every monotonous appearance by the broken roof lines and the artistic selection and location of the different styles of windows. By including under the main roof of the house the back grade entrance to kitchen and cellar we have the most convenient, warm, and attractive arrangement of a very necessary, yet so often unsightly, part of every house.

Please study carefully the interior arrangements. How could they be more compact, convenient or artistic? Three large, well lighted bed rooms with large closets are nowhere evident from living or dining rooms, yet how could you have them any more conveniently located? For families requiring their sleeping rooms with ample closet room, this attractive bungalow is a great favorite. Brick for piers and chimney not included in price. Siding furnished in place of wall shingles, if desired, at no additional cost.