The Thelma

Aladdin Home Plans for 1916

1916 Aladdin — Thelma

The Thelma, tiny though it may seem by current standards and having only 792 square feet, was the epitome of simplicity and functionality. It´s initial price was only $463.60 for the kit. Though small, it distinguished itself by taking the highest award at the World´s Fair.

"Home! Who loves their home more than the American family? Every day, father is looking forward to the time when he can provide a home for his loved ones—a place of comfort and enjoyment, shelter and protection. Mother has it all planned, has everything arranged. Her highest ambition is a home and its comforts. And every mother should have a home. The children—the ruddy faced kiddies—are anxious too for the great day. They want a home of their own and will love it and prize it as much as mother and father.

To this type of American family is dedicated the Aladdin home.

The Thelma seems to be really more than a home. It is really an additional member to the family that offers pleasure for the lonely, rest and comfort for the tired, and shelter when it’s stormy.

Study the floor plan again, imagine furniture, carpets and curtains in place, and a happy family seated comfortably in the living room or on the porch.

It would be hardly possible to get a better plan. The room arrangement is just right. Dining room, living room, kitchen, and two bed rooms - and each with plenty of light. Note that both dining and living rooms have double windows facing the front.

The delightful exterior, the interior with its coziness and the low price quoted for the complete material are your assurances of the highest satisfaction.

If you decide now, one month from today you can be living in the Thelma."