The Stanhope

Aladdin Home Plans for 1916

1916 Aladdin —  Stanhope

Are you not pleased with the Stanhope? Can you conceive how with straight architectural lines any more pleasing or substantial style of construction could have been worked out? Notice what a strong yet artistic appearance is given the entire front by the heavy porch pedestals, square columns and porch rail.

How in keeping are the small lights in bungalow door and the upper divided lights in all widows. And when it comes to interior plan, it would be very difficult to work out a more convenient arrangement. The wide arch between living and dining rooms give an appearance of one large room 14x24.

The double action door leading to a kitchen large enough, yet none too large, completes the living part of this compact, cosy home. Three well lighted, suitable sized bed rooms, equipped with a modern closette, give as much sleeping room as is frequently found in a much larger home. In placing the bath at the end of the short hall it is sufficiently secluded, yet conveniently located. For any one desiring a six-room modern house all on one floor, the Stanhope is a great favorite.