The Standard

Aladdin Home Plans for 1916

1916 Aladdin — Standard

You will agree with Aladdin customers and owners of the Standard in their claim that “it is the best square type house ever offered to home builders.” Greatest in amount of space, best in point of design, most convenient in arrangement, and all this at a price that is much lower than it would cost you if you were able to buy it thru any other source. Notice the architectural detain under the eaves, porch, and the dormer.

Close inspection of the illustration gives many pleasant surprises. The scrolled brackets which are especially machined for the Standard add a finished touch to the sweeping eaves. Possibly you have noticed that this has been carried out on all eaves – dormer and porch included. The broad belt is also used to advantage here.

The inside arrangement has appealed to many. Notice the vestibule entrance. This is a very useful feature in that it provides an excellent place for hanging wraps. Besides this, it is a valuable feature in cold weather. Thru the next door we enter what might be called a reception hall and the impression is very pleasing indeed. The handsome exposed staircase can be beautifully stained and varnished and gives one an idea of the rich effect on the interior. You find that the living room and dining room are extra large – and that will suit you – roomy and especially well lighted. The second floor has model sleeping rooms and the arrangement with bath at the head of the hallway is perfect. You will be greatly pleased with your new home – The Standard.