The Rossley

Aladdin Home Plans for 1916

1916 Aladdin — Rossley

Are you interested in the Old English style of architecture? If so, we are certain that you will be delighted with the Rossley. Every detail reveals the careful attention that has been given to make this home artistic, modern and convenient.

Notice how the front entrance from grade is protected by the heavy overhang forming the balcony to second floor landing. Passing through this beautifully designed front entrance one enters a large vestibule, and double French doors. Ascending by wide steps to the first floor, one is charmed with the view and pleased with the arrangement. Directly in front are the double glass doors affording an excellent view of the den; to the right are the doors leading to kitchen, breakfast room and side grade entrance.

On entering the large living room, one is delighted with the plan, which includes large French doors leading to the sun parlor. The sun parlor has the center pair of each set of windows swinging open, thus affording in pleasant weather a delightfully protected and secluded open porch. Opening off from the den at the rear is a glass door leading to another semi-open porch. On returning to the front hall, the visitor at once is attracted by the massive yet artistic stairway leading to the balcony and second floor. We wish you could stand there to see for yourself. The massive square column, the wide, easily ascending stairs, the large, brilliantly lighted balcony combine to make this one of the most attractive and unique plans. It is so far removed from the ordinary, so massive and yet so artistic, that it becomes a distinctive feature in the architecture of the Rossley.

Each of the four well lighted bed rooms on the second floor has a large clothes closet in connection. Convenient stairs lead to a well lighted third floor.

The home from which this picture was taken was built by us in Bay City and is finished in stucco or pebble dash, and the roof has every fifth row of shingles laid double to give the ridged appearance so easily seen. If desired shingles or siding can be furnished for side walls.