The Richmond

Aladdin Home Plans for 1916

1916 Aladdin — Richmond

Many things distinguish the Richmond and set it apart from most homes. It’s human nature to want things just a little different from average, or ordinary. And to one who really seeks originality, dignity, and withal, convenience, the Richmond will have a strong appeal.

An impression of dignity is first gained by the colonnade. Extra large Colonial columns excellently spaced support the expansive roof and give balance to the front elevation. Four windows make the living room very light indeed. Two groups of triple windows in the dormer serve the double purpose of embellishing the roof and making an exceptionally interesting bed room on the second floor. Shingled walls and well balanced eaves are worthy your notice. A beautiful front door opens into reception hall with open stairway and an arch leads into a 14x18 foot living room. A cosy little den, or children’s room is recessed back of the stairway. Another arch separates the dining room, which is 12x16 feet in size. Cellar entrance and pantry lead from the kitchen. The second story has five good bed rooms, bath and closets. The Richmond will meet every wish for the comfort and pleasure of a large family and will effect a saving of nearly $1,500 to the builder, compared with usual construction costs.