The Ravenswood

Aladdin Home Plans for 1916

1916 Aladdin — Ravenswood

In designing the exterior and interior of this attractive bungalow our architects have secured a grace of lines and a convenience of arrangement that at once challenges the attention of every home lover. The wide L-shaped porch insures at all times a secluded and protected place to sit, while the large square porch columns combined with the wide over-hanging eaves give the porch an appearance of grandeur seldom found in a much more expensive home. Wide front steps, casement windows, exposed rafters and heavy cornice brackets lend their added charm.

In the interior arrangements just as great skill has been displayed to make the home modern and convenient as was given the exterior treatment to make it attractive and artistic. The large living room, which at first seems removed from the rest of the house, on closer inspection is seen to be conveniently connected with the dining room by means of an arch. To enter the house from the front one can either enter the living room, or, by means of double French doors, enter the dining room without passing through the living room. Housewives, especially where children are in the home, appreciate this plan. Beautifully grained woodwork and floors make possible the finest of decorative plans. You have opportunity to confer with our Department of Service and to receive expert advice and assistance.

Notice how the well lighted and conveniently arranged kitchen is easily accessible from the dining room, while the apparently secluded bed rooms and bath are in reality within a few steps from any part of the house. Remember our price includes everything about the foundation to complete this bungalow except the masonry for the porch piers and chimney.