The Pomona

Aladdin Home Plans for 1916

1916 Aladdin — Pomona

If there is such a thing as personality in a home the Pomona surely expresses the feeling in every angle and line. Bathed in a hot summer sun’s rays, its wide eaves, shady porch and many windows offer cooling protections; or blanketed by winter’s snows it nestles snugly compact, and inviting the traveler to its protection. Walls of siding and shingles, building paper; sheathing, studding and lath and plaster are equally good non-conductors of heat and cold. Externally, many interesting ideas are worked out and each blends naturally into the whole. Observe the tapered porch pillars of stucco, surmounted by clean lined columns of the same design. The chimney outline matches this plan, as does the rafter ends and the projecting ends of belt encircling the house above the water table. Brackets supporting the eaves are shaped differently than any other bungalow you ever saw, while the porch rail is embellished by a band running midway between the upper and lower rails. An especially notable feature of the interior arrangement is the abundance of unbroken wall spaces in all rooms. Can’t you just imagine where you would place each piece of furniture? Two plans are illustrated, one story and two story. In the one story, the front room is adaptable to use as den or bed room, in the latter case giving three bed rooms. Good closets are observable in both designs. Price two-story, $1,510.00. Cash discount 5%. Net price, $1434.50.