The Plaza

Aladdin Home Plans for 1916

1916 Aladdin — Plaza

This magnificent bungalow secures inspiration from one of the best known bungalows in Pasadena, California. An interesting effect is secured by the treatment of gables composing the roof. This is highly typical of the true California bungalow. To the lover of large porches the Plaza has an especially strong appeal. The front section of porch extends twenty-six feet from the entrance to the left, and thirty-one feet from the front along the side. Over the rear section of the side porch a timbered pergola gives opportunity for vines. Entering the front door you have a view through the living room and dining roof for thirty feet. Just off the dining room, and with direct entrance to the kitchen, is a dainty breakfast room. This room can, of course, be used as a den or sewing room, at the owner’s discretion. Grade cellar entrance from the kitchen, three fine bed rooms, bath and closets complete this splendid floor plan arrangement. A true craftsman front door, and our famous Arch A-1 illustrated in back of catalog are included in the price./ This arch may be used as bookcases, facing the living room, or china closets facing the dining room. Owners of the Plaza are delighted with it, as you cannot fail to be should you select it. It will save you from $400 to $900 under what could be built by the old way of building, with inferior materials. Send for complete detail specifications.